Both video rental and streaming are supply bigg boss voting. The actual energy, as cable TV providers have understood, is in owning the content that has been dispersed. Cable companies regularly lose battles in which they try to hold the line on charges required by owners of popular content. That is why cable leaders like Comcast and Time Warner have spent heavily to obtain or create their own content brands, such as NBC and HBO.

“House of Cards” – that is actually an adaptation of a BBC television set from two years past – is Netflix’s game-changing response to HBO and its imitators. The series’ production values, celebrity headliners and composing are on par with an average cable or network drama. It isn’t”Downton Abbey” (for which Amazon lately obtained exclusive streaming rights) or”Homeland” or”Mad Men,” but it certainly holds its own against more pedestrian cable fare like Showtime’s”Nurse Jackie” or USA Network’s”Suits.”

All of these are shows that my spouse and I see regularly. I have no qualifications as a television critic, apart from the fact that I arguably watch too much television, but I believe I’m discerning enough to appreciate the industrial implications of what Netflix has done, if not the artistic ones.

Netflix has given a series which people will pay money to see. Spacey and Robin Wright, who performs Underwood’s wife Claire, are fine actors who stop their personalities from getting caricatures of a Washington power couple. Frank and Claire are not sticklers about their marriage vows. They don’t view”monogamy” and”loyalty” interchangeably, and they insist only on the latter out of one another. Their marriage is a sensible, instead of a romantic, partnership. Nevertheless we believe them if they say they adore one another, if only because each understands the other thoroughly and takes him or her unconditionally.

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