This is most likely something each mother and father have encountered. Their sweet small kid has transformed into a potato spitting beast and will not eat. Try not to stress. Supposedly, so far no youngster has ever been known to starve to death, since he would not like to eat.

But, it’s so baffling, in light of the fact that we as a whole realize that if our youngster doesn’t eat now, he’ll be eager in 30 minutes and either cause a ruckus or power you to comply to his requests. You need to make your youngster eat, and fortunately it isn’t so troublesome, on the off chance that you simply know the insider facts.

Let Him Cook

All things considered, clearly your little three year old won’t Το παιδί μου δεν τρώε  have the option to cook and serve a gigantic supper for you, however he can remove a portion of day by day cooking from a youthful age. I had my child with me in the kitchen from when he was less and a year old. You should never let a youngster be in the kitchen, however you can allow him to mix the pot, while you hold him in your arms and ensure that you hold the pot, as well. At the point when he gets more established, you can allow him to strip the carrots and spool the vegetables you use for supper.

Let Him Starve

Cautioning: I’m not discussing children here, and I’m not discussing more than one dinner.

At the point when my child was nearly nothing, around two years of age, I had cooked a stew that I presented with a sauce and pureed potatoes. I gave my child a little piece of the meat and a few potatoes and sauce. He vacantly wouldn’t eat. A few guardians would play planes and vehicles with the food to make their kid eat. I didn’t. This was a flawless supper, so I just began making the most of my food as though nothing wasn’t right. He kept his mouth shot exceptionally close, while I ate.

When everything was gone, and his food was cold, he kicked ravenous and off to eat. At that point, he understood that the food was without a doubt excellent, and he needed some more, yet completely was at that point taken. That was the last and just time he ever wouldn’t have his supper. In any event, when he was introduced to new suppers he’d never tasted, he generally attempted it, and he even caused me to eat unusual things later, when he got mature enough to communicate his cravings in the grocery store.

Try not to Serve Sweet Things Instead Of Food

In the event that your youngster won’t eat, don’t give him treat or rolls rather than his feast. Ensure he’s eager before you put yourself down to supper by not serving desserts or sodas not long previously.

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